Celtic/Folk Artist ~ Reagh Greenleaf Jr.

Triquetra Sugar Maple - Art Print

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Triquetra Sugar Maple (block print), 2019
Original: Ink on washi, 12x16"
High quality digital prints. Open edition, non-archival.

Sugar maple (Acer saccharum) leaf with Triquetra knot.
The triple-knot is a common symbol in Celtic and Nordic/Viking art. It represents concepts associated with the number three: Triple Goddess, Three Fates, Holy Trinity, and many more. I used it to represent the three main Celtic Nations represented in Vermont: Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Sugar maple is, of course, the best source of sap for producing syrup. Abenaki people in Vermont have been making Maple Syrup for centuries. -RG

Printed and packaged in my studio in Bristol, Vermont.

Unframed Prints:

  • 5x7", 8x10" and 11x14" sizes.
  • Fits standard size mats and frames.
  • Inkjet, Water resistant pigment inks.
  • Premium Lustre finish, 10.4 mil photo paper.
  • 💚 Packaged in biodegradable, compostable clear PLA sleeve. 100% recycled content, acid-free backing board.

Framed Prints:
Ready to hang in your favorite pub, cabin or lodge.

  • Beautiful, Made-in-USA (Ohio), real wood frames.
  • Pre-installed sawtooth hanger.
  • 3/4" wide, slim style compliments artwork nicely.
  • Walnut finish shows off natural variations in wood grain.
  • Shatter- and condensation-resistant styrene pane.
    Clear as glass, half the weight for safe, efficient shipping.
  • Note: clean styrene pane with water only, do not use glass-cleaner or other solvents.

Framed Print Overall dimensions:
5x7: 6 1/4" w, 8 1/8" h, 3/4" d.
8x10: 9 1/8" w, 11 1/8" h, 3/4" d.
11x14: 12 1/8" w, 15 1/8" h, 3/4" d.

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