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Tarot & Spiritual Readings

Readings by appointment at my Studio. Ample parking with ramp access:
6 B South Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
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Contact me to schedule, discuss an alternative location, or book a Party/Event.
Reagh Greenleaf Jr.
cell: 802-779-4114

General Rates:
$20 for 20 minutes.
$50 for 1 hour.

My approach to readings focuses on personal growth and awareness. I believe that our inner world of thoughts and emotional patterns have a direct influence on our experience of life. Areas that many of us are working on include:

  • Money, finances, business
  • Love, relationships, family
  • Making choices, decisiveness
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Creativity, expression
  • Spirituality, connection to Life

The purpose of a Tarot reading is to help you 'see within' or see what's hidden - giving you tools to navigate life's challenges, clarify your will and shape your destiny.
I am not a fortune teller - we create our own fortunes. I am a torch-bearer, helping you shed light on the inner recesses of your subconscious. We make our own choices - the difference is whether we do this consciously or unconsciously.

During consultations, I integrate Reiki, clairvoyance, basic Astrology and interpretation of natural, cultural, mythological and dream symbolism. If appropriate, we can perform simple guided meditations, elemental cleansing/smudging, or craft personalized ceremonies and visualizations as part of a reading session. I also offer artwork that can serve as a mandala or meditation focus for connecting with the magic and beauty of the natural world.

Contact me if you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment. Brightest Blessings!

Reagh Greenleaf Jr. began reading Runes and exploring Wicca and Goddess spirituality while studying Environmental Conservation at the University of New Hampshire in the late 1990's. He picked up his first Tarot deck a few years later while working at The Cat, the Crow and the Crown in Salem, MA, also serving as personal assistant to Ms. Laurie Cabot.
The next chapter of his life saw Reagh working as a merchant at Renaissance Festivals across the United States. He gave his first professional readings at The Violet Flame in La Crosse, WI. Upon returning to the East Coast he was issued a Psychic license by the City of Salem, and was a Tarot Reader at the Festival of the Dead Salem Psychic Fair 2007 and 2008 seasons.
Reagh also worked with Medium and Paranormal Investigator, Robyne Marie, at parties and events in the Greater Boston area, and appeared on her television, radio shows and podcasts.
During a ten-year hiatus, Reagh moved to Vermont, became a dad and expanded his Celtic art and music work. Now with his 'psychic batteries' recharged, he is ecstatic to offer Tarot readings and spiritual consultations from his studio in Bristol.

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