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Zurich Pommel - Writhen Scentstopper

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A classic scentstopper pommel, popular in central Europe during the early 16th century. Designed by Mike Jia of Printed Armoury.
Pommel only.
Retention Nut sold separately: Pommel Retention Nut
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Zurich Guard - Curved (pictured)
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Cast in Steel *note: currently available pieces may contain stainless alloy, which can inhibit certain bluing/antiquing applications.

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You can order H/T bare blades from Kult of Athena.
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Specs: all dimensions approximate

  Standard (inches) Metric (cm)
Height 1.75 4.445
Diameter 1.75 4.445
Slot Length, grip end 7/16 1.1
Slot Width, grip end 1/4 0.635
Slot, retaining nut, diameter 7/16
Weight 8.2 ounces
232.5 grams

Blemished items: 
These pieces have one or more of the following defects - a great deal for DIY folks who are going to modify/refinish parts anyway:

  • Internal casting faults. Significant 'cave-ins' in the tang slot.
  • Where more than half of the countersunk 'shelf' for the retention nut is deformed. Could be filled with solder or epoxy.
  • More than a very slight amount of surface rust/pitting.

** Disclaimers:

  • Steel Composition: currently available pieces may contain stainless alloy, which can inhibit certain bluing/antiquing applications.
  • Function:  These fittings are sold as decorative metal work.
  • Finish:  Due to being made of mild steel, and having sculptural recesses, there may be small areas of cosmetic surface rust and pitting.
    The unpolished tang slots typically exhibit surface rust, which protects the substrate from further corrosion.
    We wipe down each piece with metal cleaner/polish, pack and ship with a silica dessicant packet.
  • Grips: the original length of the grip may not fit using these upgraded fittings. You may need to modify a stock grip, or have one custom made.
  • Tang fitting: The fittings themselves may require some file work to fit onto the tang. This is normal since the Hanwei/Tinker models are mass produced and may have slight variances on their tangs.
  • Scabbard: The original scabbard may not fit with the new guard - you may need to modify the scabbard, or have one custom made.

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