Fáilte ~ Welcome!

I'm Reagh Greenleaf Jr., a Celtic/Folk Artist and Musician in Vermont, USA.
My purpose: To connect people to our natural heritage and deeper humanity through symbol and song - and have some fun along the way . . ..

RambleTree is my brand of art and apparel, and a place to promote my music. I strive to operate under the principles of social and ecological responsibility, while making my products accessible to a wide audience.

I grew up in Merrimack, New Hampshire; hiking, backpacking, competing in archery and studying martial arts. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation Affairs.

My background includes work as an environmental educator, Tae Kwon Do instructor, shop manager on the US Renaissance Faire circuit, Irish musician, Tarot card reader in Salem, MA, and customer service/sales consultant.
I'm lucky enough to live in Bristol, Vermont with my darlin' Megan and our two astounding children, Oran and Saille.

I'm a self-taught artist and designer. Media include pen-and-ink, graphite, leather tooling, digital, and my new love - block printing. I specialize in combining knotwork/interlace patterns with natural and cultural icons.

My first influences were cover art and illustrations from fantasy literature (Tolkien, Dragonlance) and role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons).
I became an avid Renaissance Faire patron, and absorbed Celtic, Insular, Medieval and Renaissance art, heraldry and crafts.
I draw further inspiration from:

  • Nature studies, Peterson Field Guides
  • Prehistoric, Ancient and Religious iconography
  • Indigenous cultures, esp. Haudenosaunee and Abenaki
  • Hokusai, ukiyo-e and anime
  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco
  • Tarot, Neo-Pagan and Visionary art
  • Susan Seddon-Boulet, Brian Froud, Alex Grey

Since moving to Vermont, I've come to love the work of Warren Kimble, and Mary Azarian's wonderful woodcuts. Though my primitive style bears no trace of it, Maxfield Parrish is one of my favorite painters.

My music and art evolved side-by-side - learn more: Music Bio