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RambleTree is

  • Original Art & Designs by Reagh Greenleaf Jr. on Clothing, Gifts and Decor.
  • Inspired by knotwork, interlace and spiral motifs from Celtic, Nordic, Indigenous and World cultures, fantasy literature and film.
  • Exploring the connection between Humanity and Nature; through artistic/cultural threads running from the distant past to our collective, creative future. Learn How We Give Back.

    Reagh is a Celtic/Folk musician, and performs regularly with Gypsy Reel and The County Down. He brings the portable RambleTree shop to events in Vermont, USA.

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    Reagh Greenleaf Jr. at Tweed River in Stockbridge, VT About the Owner:

    Reagh Greenleaf Jr. is an accomplished singer and bodhrán player. He got his start in folk music at Irish and Chantey sessions from Portsmouth, NH to Boston, MA. In 2000 he attended the Tommy Makem International School of Song in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. He spent several years on the US Renaissance Faire circuit and participated in Irish Traditional and Folk sessions nationwide.

    From 2009-2012 he toured and recorded throughout New England with Dublin native, Tom Lanigan. He now lives in Vermont and performs regularly with The County DownGypsy Reel and operates his art business, RambleTree (formerly Vermont Celtic Co.)

    During Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign, Reagh made a big splash with his 'Make 'em Feel the Bern' folk song, based on John Keegan Casey's Irish revolutionary song, 'Rising of the Moon'.

    Originally from New Hampshire, Reagh grew up hiking in the White Mountains, competing in archery, reading Lord of the Rings countless times, playing Dungeons & Dragons and listening to Heavy Metal. He earned a 2nd Dan black belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of New Hampshire. He has several years of experience as a martial arts instructor, naturalist and outdoor educator.

    Reagh is a self-taught artist and designer. His creativity is inspired by lifelong interests in nature studies, history, mythology, First Nations cultures, Wicca and Goddess religions, Tarot, the poetry of W.B. Yeats, Burns, Rumi and good stuff like that. He is assisted in all things by his darling wife, Megan and their beautiful children, Oran and Saille.

    Oran Peace Knot WarBeautiful Meg and Oran at Common Ground CenterVermont Celtic portable shopReagh Greenleaf Jr. with Senator Bernie Sanders 2016Gypsy Reel

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