Vermont Artist - Reagh Greenleaf Jr.

Giving Back

Supporting Nature Awareness Education

RambleTree donates 10% of our Profits to Wilderness Awareness School (WAS):

"Wilderness Awareness School is internationally recognized for its mentoring teaching style, its naturalist training expertise, and its focus on connecting students with nature, their community and themselves. Our wilderness education courses draw on traditions from indigenous cultures world-wide, emphasizing nature as teacher, routines to enhance awareness, storytelling, self-motivated learning, and tracking as an interpretive tool."

My artistic sense and connection to the natural world were heavily influenced by training with White Pine Programs, a sister-school of WAS from 2000-2002. WAS has hundreds of offshoots, and their Kamana Naturalist Training Program home study course is available worldwide. I have taken Kamana levels I and II, and years later it continues to enrich my life. -RG

Seeking Sustainable Solutions

  • Print-on-Demand/Efficient Sourcing:
    Our custom suppliers print your items to order, reducing demand for materials. (i.e. there aren't thousands of pre-printed shirts sitting in a warehouse somewhere).

  • Water-based, solvent-free inks:
    Apparel and most other items are printed with water-based low/no VOC inks, reducing the use of industrial solvents and other potential pollutants.

  • Providing information:
    Our T-shirts and apparel are shipped in plastic poly-mailers, which are not handled by zero-sort recycling.
    Fortunately, many types of plastic film can be recycled, including poly-mailing bags!
    Most grocery stores in the USA have a plastic bag drop-off bin. In our home and studio, we keep an additional container next to our regular recycling bin for used up/worn out plastic bags and packaging material.
    Go to for more information, and to look up drop-off sites.

  • Continually Improving:
    RambleTree is seeking an economically viable source for On-Demand printing of our designs on organic cotton, hemp, recycled material and other sustainable-fiber clothing. Please Contact Us with any suggestions or connections you may have. Thanks!

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