Earthy Celtic Art by Reagh Greenleaf Jr.

Giving Back

RambleTree is about illuminating connections between Nature, Culture and Place - to celebrate beauty and inspire stewardship.

We are operating a for-profit Art and Apparel business on traditional Abenaki land. Some of our designs adapt artforms from European antiquity with local native flora.

As we look to become better stewards where we live, we should follow the lead of people who have been caretakers for millennia. Their culture and artforms hold deep richness - and important keys for building a more sustainable future.

In the spirit of economic justice, and supporting the traditional arts of this place - RambleTree, LLC is now donating 10% of quarterly profits to
Vermont Abenaki Artists Associaton.

Thanksgiving 2021

Organizations/Programs we've supported:

Vermont Foodbank donation

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