Collection: Morgan's Apple

Celtic knotwork apple blockprint art

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Tart sweetness of apple pie, warmth of mulled cider, a crisp bite - all hard to resist. Clear sunlight through late summer skies ripens hillside orchards. Only some know the mystery hiding within this health-giving fruit.

Slice an apple through its equator, and you will find a five-pointed star made of seeds. Magic and myth have surrounded Malus throughout its relationship with humanity. It’s relatives in the Rose family (including cherries, raspberries, and the Faerie Hawthorn) all display five-fold symmetry in their flowers.

Mathematical relationships of the pentagram have acquired philosophical and religious meaning through Pagan and Christian times, to the present. Its golden ratio has been glimpsed in Nature’s patterns and masterworks of Art.

One celestial association is with the planet and Goddess, Venus. Assume an Earth-centered perspective, and look down on the plane of our Solar System. Every eight years, Venus orbits the Sun thirteen times and appears to draw a neat pentagram around our Home. Early astronomers mapped this pattern, some calling it the Petals of Venus.

Love and Beauty, in many forms, have inspired artists and poets the world over. Venus’ dance, and an apple’s five seeds, can remind us that proportion and symmetry are aspects of our universe.

Morgan le Fey was the enchantress of Arthurian and Celtic legend. Her magical domain, Avalon, means ‘Isle of Apples’. This design is dedicated to her.

‘Morgan’s Apple’ ©2018 Reagh Greenleaf Jr.