Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you have Size Charts? 

    Each Apparel product has a specific Size + Fit section in the description.

    Where/how are your products made?

    RambleTree/Greenleaf Studio in Bristol, Vermont USA.

    • Apparel - Now printed to order, in-house!
      High quality Laser Toner Transfer printing. No liquid waste.
    • Art Prints - printed to order, in-house. Water resistant pigment inks.
    • Wood frames - Custom made to our specifications in Ohio, USA.
      We primarily use Bella+Canvas for Apparel:
      • 100% No Sweatshops
      • Hybrid USA/International manufacturer
      • Extensive water conservation and recycling processes
      • bluesign® certified non-toxic fabric dyes
      • Solar-powered facilities with carbon-neutral/zero-waste goal

      When out-of-stock, we substitute with Next Level brand apparel. Almost identical quality, sizes and colors. Imported; 100% No Sweatshops. 

        Shipping & Packaging

        Shipping Rates

        Free Local Pickup in Bristol, Vermont

        Do you ship Internationally?

        Yes. If your delivery address is outside of the United States, you will not be able to complete checkout. Here’s how to order:

        Contact Us with the items you’d like to purchase.

        • Please include the Products you'd like to order.
        • Please include your Name and Delivery Address.
        • We will calculate the best possible shipping cost.
        • We will send you an Invoice you can use to Checkout and Pay.

          What are your sustainability efforts regarding shipping?

          💚 Carbon Neutral Shipping!
          Your order is automatically Offset via Shopify Planet, at no additional cost to you.
          RambleTree is on Shopify Planet's highest-impact plan - 'Millenium'

          We use more sustainable options whenever possible:



          How do I use my Discount Code?

          If you need to apply a Discount Code:

          • Shop for goodies, Add to Cart.
          • When ready, select Checkout.
          • Enter/paste the code in the Discount code field at Checkout.
          • Click Apply.
          If you select PayPal, Google Pay, etc. while in the Cart, you may not be able to apply the discount until after you've been routed through that payment method. If you're unsure what to do, Contact Us.


          Orders & Refunds

          What is your Return/Refund Policy?

          Please see my Refund Policy

          If I've placed an order, can I change it?

          If you want to change your order, Contact us as soon as possible.
          We begin processing your order right away to give the fastest possible service. We can't guarantee we'll be able to change your order once it's processed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your request.


          Designs, Artwork and Brand

          Are these your designs? Can I use them for my tattoo, project, etc.?

          All artwork, designs and images are original, Copyright 1996-2024 Reagh Greenleaf Jr., unless otherwise noted.
          U.S. Copyright Office registration is in place/process for my designs. If you wish to use any of these designs for commercial purposes, please contact me for licensing information.

          If you wish to reproduce images for personal use, please contact us for permission. We appreciate a photo/social media post (@RambleTree) to help promote Reagh's work - thanks!
          See also: Terms of Service

          Is that your own cool Celtic font?

          Nope. Text logo font by the wonderful artist Cari Buziak, gratefully used with permission.

          Is your brand name/logo trademarked?

          Yes. The name RambleTree (tm), and the 'Oak-leaf Triskelion' design are registered trademarks in the State of Vermont, USA; indicating Products printed with our original designs.
          Additionally, the RambleTree design (Oak-leaf Triskelion) is Copyright @2013 Reagh Greenleaf Jr.




          What happened to Vermont Celtic Co.?

          We used the trademark 'Vermont Celtic' from 2014 to 2018. It was a great way to explore Vermont's natural/cultural icons. We are very grateful to all of our loyal customers - We couldn't have gotten this far without you. If you have a t-shirt with the 'VT Celtic' logo - you can call it 'vintage'!

          We decided to change to 'RambleTree', after our first business name many years ago, 'Ramblin' Tree Arts'. Also, our kids love saying 'RambleTREE!'
          RambleTree feels a bit more universal.
          It speaks our love of wandering in the woods, and creative influences from Celtic, Norse/Viking, First Nations and World cultures, Tolkien, Anime, and more.

          What is your legal business name and Studio location?

          RambleTree, LLC
          6 B South Street
          Bristol, Vermont USA

          What are your guarantees?

          4-Fold Customer Promise:

            1. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
            2. PCI DSS Compliant Secure Checkout.
            3. Shipment/Tracking Information and Follow-up Support.
            4. We believe in Karma, and will treat you the way we want to be treated - with courtesy, honesty and respect.

            How do you use my personal information/data? Is it secure?

            We follow current Laws and Industry Standard Guidelines regarding the storage, processing and use of your personal information and site visit data (cookies). See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
            We do not sell or rent out our mailing list.
            If you have any questions, simply Contact Us.

            Do you charge Sales Tax?

            RambleTree, LLC carries a Vermont Sales Tax license. We are required to collect sales tax on taxable items purchased by customers with a billing address in Vermont, USA (6% + 1% local option tax for applicable municipalities).

            Clothing and related items are not taxed in Vermont.