Frequently Asked Questions


What happened to Vermont Celtic (tm)?

I used the trademark 'Vermont Celtic' from 2014 to 2018. It was a great way to focus my brand and explore Vermont's natural/cultural icons. I am very grateful to all my loyal customers - I couldn't have gotten this far without you!
Before moving to Vermont, I used the name 'Ramblin' Tree Arts'.
Now, in order to thrive as an independent artist, my business needs to grow. After much thought and research, I changed the name to RambleTree, after our favorite design, and to honor our roots. Dropping the 'Celtic' part of the name allows me to branch out, explore related interests, and market to a wider range of customers (i.e. Viking/Nordic, World cultures, fantasy, etc.). It's still my original, best-selling designs on quality products.
All of your favorite VTCeltic designs are being reworked and updated with the RambleTree trademark. They will be available on this store as quickly as I'm able to complete them.

What is your legal business name/location?

RambleTree (TM) is a trademark of Greenleaf Studio. Our office/studio address is:

c/o Greenleaf Studio
6 South Street, unit B
Bristol, Vermont USA

All of our original products are designed by Reagh Greenleaf Jr. and printed in the USA (and Canada or EU for international customers).

We utilize custom printing services and suppliers in different locations, so your package may have a different return address on the label (such as California or North Carolina). If you need to return something, always Contact Us first and we'll guide you.

What are your guarantees?

Our 4-Fold Customer Promise:

  1. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  2. PCI DSS Compliant Secure Checkout via Stripe or PayPal.
  3. Shipment/Tracking Information and Follow-up Support.
  4. We believe in Karma, and will treat you the way we want to be treated - with courtesy, honesty and respect.


How do you use my personal information/data? Is it secure?

We follow current Laws and Industry Standard Guidelines regarding the storage, processing and use of your personal information and site visit data (cookies). See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
If you have any questions, or choose to opt-out, simply Contact Us.


Do you charge Sales Tax?

Greenleaf Studio carries a Vermont Sales Tax license. We are required to collect sales tax on taxable items purchased by customers with a billing address in Vermont, USA (6% + 1% local option tax for applicable municipalities).
Clothing and related items are not taxed in Vermont.


Two types of discounts:

  1. Storewide Volume Discount: When you buy more than one of anything in our store, a volume discount is automatically applied to your entire order - sweet!
    2+ items = 10% Off
    4+ items = 15% Off
    6+ items = 20% Off

  2. Discount Code/Coupon/Link: We often send out discounts in emails, social media posts and ads for new products and promotions. If prompted, copy/paste the code to the Discount field during checkout.

Can I use more than one discount?

Only one discount can apply to your order. If you have a discount code from a promotion, but are buying multiple items, our Volume Discount will override.

If you have any problems, Contact Us, and we'll send you a custom discount code to fix it.

What's up with PayPal and discounts?

Store-wide Volume Discount:

  1. When buying multiple items, and getting our awesome Volume Discount, the PayPal button is hidden in your Cart (their rules, not ours).
  2. You can still pay with PayPal :) From the Shopping Cart, use the 'Secure Checkout' button. Select PayPal during checkout. Then your Volume Discount is applied correctly.

Discount Code/Coupon/Link:

  1. When you sign in to PayPal from your Cart, you will only see the total retail price of products in your order.
  2. After you sign in to PayPal, and input your shipping information, you will be sent back to our Checkout.
  3. Then you will see Discounts, Shipping Options, Taxes and correct Total before completing your order.

If this is confusing, we recommend using the 'Secure Checkout' button in the Cart.
Unfortunately, we are unable to change PayPal policies, and the way the PayPal Button in your Cart functions. Thank you for your understanding.

Designs & Products

Are these your designs? Can I use them for my tattoo, project, etc.?

All artwork and designs are original, Copyright 1996-2018 Reagh Greenleaf Jr. Federal copyright registration is in place/process for images on this website. If you wish to use any of these designs for commercial purposes, please contact Reagh for licensing information.
If you wish to reproduce images for personal use, please contact the artist for permission. If permission is granted, we appreciate a photo/social media post of how the image is used for our promotions.
See also: Terms of Service

Text font by the wonderful artist Cari Buziak, gratefully used with permission.

Where do your products come from?  How long does it take?

We contract with high-quality suppliers in the USA who print to order and ship directly to you. Your items are created in 2-5 business days, then sent out for delivery.

Standard shipping is 5-10 business days (USA); 10-25 business days (International). Expedited shipping is also available.

We also carry a limited inventory of locally-produced Art Prints, T-shirts and Gift items that we sell at Fairs, Festivals and our Studio in Vermont.  If a product you ordered matches an in-stock item, we may, at our discretion, send you one of these.

Do you have Size Charts? 

Each apparel product has a specific Size Chart link below the 'size selector' on the product page.



Can I recycle the bag my shirt came in?

Yes - but not with your regular zero-sort recycling. See 'Seeking Sustainable Solutions' on our Giving Back page.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes! We value our customers in the International community. We're not like some isolationist blaggards out there!
As determined by our suppliers, some items may be printed and shipped from facilities in Canada, UK or EU. In this instance, the correct shipping options/costs will be displayed on the checkout page.

How do I get Free Shipping?

  • Free shipping for US orders over $95
  • Free shipping for International orders over $150


What are your Shipping Options and Rates?

For full details, see our Shipping Rates page.
There's a handy Shipping Estimator in your shopping cart for your convenience.
Your calculated shipping total is displayed during checkout.
Standard Shipping is 5-10 business days (USA); 10-25 business days (International).
Expedited shipping is also available. See our Shipping Rates page.

Can I track my order?

Once your items are shipped, you'll received a Shipping Confirmation Email with Tracking Number/Information.

Use the 'Track My Order' service to look up your package. Just copy and paste your tracking number into the field provided.

If your order includes products that need to be packaged separately (i.e. a T-shirt and a Framed Print), you will receive a separate tracking number for each package.

I'm outside the US; do I need to pay Customs Fees?

Customs fees depend on the laws of your country. In the majority of cases you are not required to pay any customs fees, however they are ultimately your responsibility. If you have any questions about your order please contact us.

I'm ordering to an EU country; do you charge VAT?

We are not registered to collect VAT in any EU countries, and do not charge VAT.
If you are ordering to an EU country, some of our products are printed and shipped from facilities within the EU. Our suppliers charge us the corresponding VAT amount, which is reflected in your shipping rates. You benefit from significantly faster shipping times.



What is your Return/Refund Policy?

See our Refund Policy page


If I've placed an order, can I change it?

If you want to change your order, contact us as soon as possible.  Our suppliers begin processing your order right away to give the fastest possible service. We can't guarantee we will be able to change your order once it's processed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

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