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Product Requests, Custom Orders, Collaborations

I invite you to read the following guidelines, then Contact Me. Thanks!

Product Requests: 

If you'd like to order one of my existing designs on a different color, size, style, item, or type of product - let me know!
For standard products, add 10% to the price, i.e.

  • Unisex Tee (S-XL): regularly $22 (plus shipping)
  • Different shirt color or print color. Add 10% = $24.20 (plus shipping)

This additional 10% charge accounts for my time looking up availability and setting up the graphic on a new product.

I have access to a wide range of quality products from custom print suppliers.
Contact me, and I'll send you a price and time estimate.
If it looks good, I'll send you a custom invoice that you can pay just like checking out from the online store.

Custom Orders - scenarios:

1) Modifications or additions to one of my Existing Designs:


  • Adding a family name in a cool font above/below one of my designs.
  • A unique color scheme or background.
Cost considerations:
  • Set up time - one family name will take less time than several individual names.
  • Quantity - cost will be much higher per item for smaller quantities.

Using the 'add family name' example on an Adult T-shirt, here's a rough estimate:

  • Regular price (non-customized). Sizes S-XL: $22 + shipping.
  • Customized
    • 1 shirt: $35
    • 2-5 shirts: $25 ea.
    • 6-11 shirts: $22 ea.
    • 12+ shirts: let's talk.
    • Sizes above XL, add $2 per 'X'

2) I help you modify your existing design to print on a product:

You have a reasonable graphic file, photo or scanned drawing to work from.

  • $25/hour design and setup fee (time will vary greatly depending on complexity and your level of input).
  • Plus cost of the finished product, plus shipping.


3) You have a great idea, with no completed drawing/diagram/file, and want a custom logo, printed product, or tattoo design in my style:

  • $35/hour consultation and design fee (time will vary greatly depending on complexity and your level of input).
  • Plus cost of the finished product, plus shipping.

4) Commissioned original, finished art piece:

  • $100 minimum; $35/hour + materials and shipping.



I love working with fellow creatives!

Production capabilities (basically what you see on this site):

  • Full Color Art Prints on high quality photo paper. Up to 13x19"
  • Framed Prints, made in USA wood frames.
  • Full Color prints on Apparel. (White toner laser transfer printing).

Dropshipping to your customers:

  • You collect payment/shipping info from your customers.
  • You send me payment/customer's shipping info.
  • I produce items and ship to your customer.
  • You keep the difference (profit).

Host on RambleTree:

In rare situations, if we share a similar/related audience (but are not directly competing with our designs) - I can host your product collection on - checkout from one place!
Essentially a licensing agreement, where I produce and ship products with your designs, and I pay you an agreed upon amount per item sold.

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