Vermont Artist - Reagh Greenleaf Jr.

Morgan's Apple - Framed Print

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Morgan's Apple (block print), 2019
Original: Ink on washi, 12x16"
Digital reproductions

Apple (Malus domestica) in five-part knotwork.
I have a special place in my heart for Morgan le Fey, the enchantress of Arthurian and Celtic legend. The name of her domain, Avalon, means 'Isle of Apples'. We are graced with beautiful orchards, and lots of cider, here in Vermont. -RG

Printed and packaged in my studio in Bristol, Vermont. Ready to hang in your favorite pub, cabin or lodge.
The Frames:

  • Beautiful, Made-in-USA (Ohio), real wood frames.
  • Pre-installed sawtooth hanger.
  • 3/4" wide, slim style compliments artwork nicely.
  • Walnut finish shows off natural variations in wood grain.
  • Shatter- and condensation-resistant styrene pane.
    Clear as glass, half the weight for safe, efficient shipping.
  • Note: clean styrene pane with water only, do not use glass-cleaner or other solvents.

Framed Print Overall dimensions:
5x7: 6 1/4" w, 8 1/8" h, 3/4" d.
8x10: 9 1/8" w, 11 1/8" h, 3/4" d.
11x14: 12 1/8" w, 15 1/8" h, 3/4" d.

The Prints:

  • Inkjet, water-resistant pigment inks.
  • Premium Lustre finish, 10.4 mil photo paper.
  • 💚 100% recycled content, acid-free backing board.


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Ships to USA only from my studio in Bristol, Vermont
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Framed Prints:

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  • 11x14":   $8.95 first item. Each additional: +$4.50
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